I shoot mostly digital. There are some film shots. I do very little altering with the exception of a few that I have taken to the extreme.


I use natural pigments Venetian Plaster and Wax all applied with a steel knife

Silver Works

My process is to first prepare a back ground as parts of it will show through in the finished piece. I then apply a layer of Genuine Silver, I prepare myself by entering into a meditative state. In this state I ask if there is anything on the unseen side of life that wants to be seen to please come through. I then apply acids to the silver staying very much in touch with what I am sensing. As I sense the essence coming through I must immediately stop the acid etching process. If I don't the image that is emerging will be burned beyond recognition. If I get caught in the visual process and say “whoa isn’t that amazing" instead of staying with the essence I “feel” is emerging then I have lost it. It’s an intense and deeply rewarding act lasting only seconds. Sometimes I will see the image right away at other times it isn’t till much later. The process of oxidation will continues for years. This work is alive.